The snootzytime Adventures of Maddie And Murphy

The snootzytime Adventures of Maddie And Murphy 1

To the moon and Back

Maddie gazes out her window at the moon and stars. As Maddie’s bedtime arrives, Mom tells Maddie a secret- that a wish on a star could come true! Excited by the possibility, Maddie makes her wish – to go to the moon. 

Maddie drifts off to sleep and when she opens her eyes she discovers that she’s not in her room. Her favorite stuffed animal has come to life, and her wish has come true! Together Maddie and Murphy find themselves on an amazing outer space adventure, and make a new friend along the way!

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A christmas journey

It’s Christmas Eve and Maddie eagerly awaits Santa’s arrival. As Maddie’s bedtime arrives mom and dad remind Maddie that Santa will only visit the houses of sleeping children, and they spark her imagination with the notion that her dreams can become her nighttime adventures.

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