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Activity Books 1

Water Safety

This learning and activity book teaches children to be safe around water. Includes information on the importance of lifeguards, using the buddy system when swimming, fall prevention, the importance of life-saving flotation devices, beach safety, safe boating tips, and more. An included parent’s section give important tips on how to prevent water and boat related injuries. The book includes games, puzzles, word-scrambles and mazes- all designed to keep kids interested and safe.

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Emergency Call 911

Emergency preparedness training for kids is important so they know what do if you’re not around when disaster strikes! In this emergency preparedness activity book for kids, there are 8 pages of coloring and activities that explain the different types of emergencies: fire, police, and medical. The “Emergency? I’m 9-1-1 Ready!” activity/coloring book describes what is and what is not an actual emergency and what to say to an operator/dispatcher. Knowing what to do in the heat of the moment could save lives. This book is best suited for grades Pre-K to second grade.

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My friend the sheriff/police officer

Sixteen pages of coloring and activities that explain Police Officers are friends who help keep our cities and towns safe. They help with emergencies, solve crimes, and protect people. This police officer activity book is great for Pre-K to 2nd grade children. It has a page on police vehicles, police stations, bike safety, crossing the street, gun safety, calling 9-1-1, police dogs, stranger danger, drug refusal and seat belt safety. This law enforcement coloring book for kids drives home the idea that law enforcement are here to protect and serve.

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