Article / 01 October 2019


Well, I know that not all artists are anime fans, but I really have to talk about this one. Not because is an anime perse, but because it is a great reference to the world of artists and freelances.

I have to admit that at first I thought it was just an standar Daily Life Anime, but after watching the first episodes, I was totally hooked by the way you tell your story.

Why do I recomend this anime to other artists? Well, the story is about two artists, a writter and a illustrator, who join to start making comics togheter and their fight to get their comics published. We can see certain love interests in the process, but thats just a seasoning for the story. What really catches you is how they explain the passion the artist have to make their dreams reality. How they improve each day trying over and over again. How they live loving their work and fighting everyday to get published and some day, have a animated cartoon of their comics.

I remember a chapter when they met with their old classmates, and they see how they love to go to parties, to camping, go to ski, etc… The main character start to think that he is weird because he prefer been locked at his study drawing everyday, he tell his best friend about how he felt about that, and he agreed with him.

They found passion in other topics, not just socializing and doing the same as everyone else. I have to admit that felt identificated with them, because I really enjoy more been drawing ijnstead of going to parties, I thought that I was weird too, but after seen this scene I understand that is just other ways of living, and it's not a bad thing to do what we have passion to. Working as a freelance isn't easy, getting clients or get noticed is almost imposible in this huge world, but here we are, trying to contribute our bit to the world of art.

Well, if you have the opportunity to watch this anime, and you love been an artist, you probably will love this anime from  Tsugumi Ōba and  Takeshi Obata. Here the Opening theme, that I have to admit that I'm in love with this song too.