Art as a mean

Article / 01 October 2019

I have to admit that I have worked as an illustrator for almost eleven years. That sounds a lot of time! But in the mean time I have discover something about my relationship with art. I have discover recently havent done anything just for the pleasure of drawing, well, I love sketching and painting, but I have discover that I'm always thinking on a purpose for my drawings.

Since I was a child, I remember doing comic strips at the back of my notebook, and also I really enjoyed doing covers for my books, but it was more than anything, for the pleasure of watching my notebooks personalized. Later, when I was a teenager I look back on that I had to be at my bedroom a lot of time, with no TV or cellphone (well, they was the 90's, hehe) I only had my tape deck and my school supplies. So I spent a lot of time writting stories and enjoying making them real.

My first big project it was a comic, its name was "A tale without name" , the story was about some superheroes and their life at school, merging a lot of styles and genres. I also complemented with a notebook full of character sheets of all the citizens of my fictional city, besides a map of the hole town. I know it sounds like something obsesive, but it really was my idea of thinking on making my own world, that was my teenager obsession that I have to confess. I also planned spinoff stories too. I had to admit that my imagination was on fire on that time.

Years latter I made another comic book in my free time at school, it was called "A fairy tale" (yes, titles and names aren't my strength).But I was also making it as a spinoff of my old comic. I loved to make conections and feel they were living in the same universe, I dont know why, but it was really exiting.

Finally it was time to start college and decide to study animation and illustration as a carrer, and I remember that that carrer didn't exist in that moment. So I decided to moved to Spain to study those specialties. My real purpose was to make those worlds with a better quality, better characters, better enviroments, and also give them life with animation.

So I begun studing animation. Also, I have to avow, It wasn't the passion of animating characters perse, I was really more focused in really start to make again my own universe, my own stories. I recall at my animation school making small flash games involving my classmates, it was really funny to make them. I never was the best artist in my classroom, but i really was enjoying what I was creating.

But something was missing in my search, my drawing were still not very good, that when I started an illustration course. And despite I didn't improve the way I wanted it was a big step for me.

Finally, my time for work begun, so I started working in a company at Madrid. After so much time I was now a professional illustrator and animator, and the thing that I enjoyed most, was to make the storyboards and designing the enviroments and again, a new world for my characters. But also I started to have a lot of free time, because (maybe this can a defect or a virtue) I work fast. I initiate to dedicate my freetime in fanarts, and trying to find more work, I wanted more, more challenges.

At the end I decided to return to Mexico, but now as my own boss. I didn't want to follow someone else rules, I really hate been trapped in an office when I have already finished my work, and also having to hide my projects, so they didn't see that I was working on something different that the projects that sent me (which were already finished).

I needed more freedom. So that's where KoriStudio was born, and, with the help of my beloved husband, we open up creating new projects, new comics, new animations. In the process we wrote ablout a lot of things, anime parodies, irreverent cartoons and other stuff. But we didn't succeed.

And now I'm here, having working for clients for so many years and getting now the point of why I love it so much my work. Is not just the pleasure of drawing, its never was really my goal. I really want to create without needing more people. So I decided again to get to my old self, and thats why I'm writting again, both in this blog and rewriting scripts for comics I love to write stories, learning new things, and also working with my clients creating new enviroments and styles, specially I love the challenges, and thats why I think I enjoy making children's books the most. And hopefully, I can publish my own book soon, I had some issues with my editor, but hoppefully that will be solved soon.


Article / 01 October 2019

Well, I know that not all artists are anime fans, but I really have to talk about this one. Not because is an anime perse, but because it is a great reference to the world of artists and freelances.

I have to admit that at first I thought it was just an standar Daily Life Anime, but after watching the first episodes, I was totally hooked by the way you tell your story.

Why do I recomend this anime to other artists? Well, the story is about two artists, a writter and a illustrator, who join to start making comics togheter and their fight to get their comics published. We can see certain love interests in the process, but thats just a seasoning for the story. What really catches you is how they explain the passion the artist have to make their dreams reality. How they improve each day trying over and over again. How they live loving their work and fighting everyday to get published and some day, have a animated cartoon of their comics.

I remember a chapter when they met with their old classmates, and they see how they love to go to parties, to camping, go to ski, etc… The main character start to think that he is weird because he prefer been locked at his study drawing everyday, he tell his best friend about how he felt about that, and he agreed with him.

They found passion in other topics, not just socializing and doing the same as everyone else. I have to admit that felt identificated with them, because I really enjoy more been drawing ijnstead of going to parties, I thought that I was weird too, but after seen this scene I understand that is just other ways of living, and it's not a bad thing to do what we have passion to. Working as a freelance isn't easy, getting clients or get noticed is almost imposible in this huge world, but here we are, trying to contribute our bit to the world of art.

Well, if you have the opportunity to watch this anime, and you love been an artist, you probably will love this anime from  Tsugumi Ōba and  Takeshi Obata. Here the Opening theme, that I have to admit that I'm in love with this song too.